Do you want to participate in observing more than 13 500 museum collection items? We welcome you here. Please, follow these steps:

  1. Read both the Research Rules of the SNM – Red Stone Museum and Price List through.
  1. The Application Form should be emailed to or posted to SNM-Múzeum Červený Kameň, 900 89 Častá. Applications must be send a minimum of one week before the intended day of research to the museum director. Please provide a purpose of your research. Once our employee has reviewed your application, you will be informed by email or phone about our decision. We arrange a time that fits in with your schedule.
  1. Come within the appointed day.


Collections administered by the Red Stone Museum

  • The FURNITURE Collection offers a comprehensive selection of tables, chairs, divans, beds, cabinets, commodes, writing desks, mirrors, clocks, bedroom furniture collections, parlours and wooden interior decorations from the 16th to the 20th century.
    The Secession Dining Room and Bedroom and a collection of the Italian Renaissance Furniture are worth to see.
  • The Collection of CERAMICS, PORCELAIN and GLASS, contains more than 4 500 items. The collection includes dining sets, cups, vases, lamps, Spanish Majolica, Turkish Ceramics, Meissen Porcelain, Holic Faience and various Glass types.
  • The Collection of PICTURES, you can find the portraits of aristocratic family members e.g. Pálffy, Forgách, Zichy, Szentivanyi, Esterházy, Migazzi, portraits of so called “Ladies in Blue”, a set of Portraits of the Hussar Regiment of Rudolf I Palffy, the Collection of Paintings by Peter Palffy, landscape-paintings, still life paintings, historical, sacral and mythological scenes here.
  • The Collection of GRAPHICS series of graphic letters with genre scenes, vedutas, sketches and aquarelles of Count Peter Palffy.
  • The Collection of SCULPTURES includes mainly sacral sculptures originated from sacral buildings but also busts of the monarchs and other people
  • The Collection of WEAPONS, represents cold, shooting and shaft weapons including oriental ones (Turks´ yataghans).
  • The Collection of TEXTILES particularly includes oriental carpets, embroideries, military uniforms but also utility textiles for every day use. Two hand woven tapestries from the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century, which can be seen during the museum tour, are considered as the most significant. Tapestry with the name “The Siege of Fortress” originates from the manor house in Budmerice and the Tapestry of Mythological Faeton Cycle belonged to the interior furnishing of the manor house in Stupava.
  • The Collection of an ARCHIVAL CHARACTER keeps both the private pictures of the Palfi family and pictures of other noble family members.
  • The Collection of METALS, possesses chandeliers, lamps, candlesticks, cutlery, trays, dining sets, jars and containers for every-day hygiene.
  • The Collection of VARIOUS COLLECTION ITEMS includes objects of different types e.g. reminder items, paperweights, fans, wooden dough forms, various curiosities or hunting trophies.
  • THE LIBRARY OF HISTORICAL BOOKS, the majority of books was originally a property of the Palffy family from the Red Stone as well as the other noble families that lived at Slovak manor houses until 1945 e.g. the Palffy family from Smolenice, Zichy from Voderady, the family of Oldeburg from Brodzany, the noble family of Odescalchi, the Chotek family from the manor house in Dolna Krupa, the Esterhazy family from Bernolakovo or the Steiger family from Hajna Nova Ves. The total number of books is 14 200 and 2580 of them belonged to the Palffy family from the Red Stone. Most of the books were edited in the 19th century but the library includes also those edited in the 16th, 17th, 18th and 20th centuries.
    We are working on digitalization of the library fund at the moment.